Most Anticipated Cars and Trucks of 2018

most anticipated cars trucks 2018

Every year, car enthusiasts wait in anticipation for the newest model or latest revision of their favorite design. Their excitement is often warranted, as car and truck manufacturers strive to stay ahead of the competition by making significant improvements, using the latest technology to create new models or add features to already successful vehicles. With these rapid changes, the automobile industry becomes more dynamic every year and usually produces several surprises in the process. Continue reading


Gift Guide for Diesel Enthusiasts

gift guide diesel enthusiastsWinter is just around the corner, meaning that, along with the cold and snow, the holidays are also quickly becoming a reality. The smell of gingerbread, fresh-cut pines, and carols coming from the speakers are just some of the pleasures we have to look forward to for the upcoming season! Continue reading

The Definitive Guide to Understanding Diesel Engines Versus Gasoline Engines

definitive guide diesel engines gas engines

In many ways, understanding how diesel engines versus gasoline engines work is a simple thing. When you peer into the matter carefully, there are profound differences. We will look at both engine types from a variety of angles and provide you with a good overview of all aspects. Where should we begin? Why with the fuel itself, of course! Continue reading

20 Can’t-Miss Diesel Podcasts and YouTube Channels

diesel podcasts and youtube channels

Ever since German mechanical engineer Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine in the 1890s, it has been used across the world in everything from cars to container ships. The engine is so popular, in fact, that many enthusiast and hobby groups have popped up around cars that use the engine. The name “Diesel” has come to be associated with a certain rugged strength and durability (think of the cologne, the actor, and the many gyms named after it). Continue reading

Award-Winning Ford Engines

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No engines on the market have the performance, durability, or long-standing reputation of Ford. In 2017, Ford won best small engine at the International Engine of the Year Awards for the sixth year in a row and received its ninth win for fuel-efficient and sporty engines. It has been Overall Winner three times—a record—and previously won Best Newcomer, so Ford has been accustomed to being a front-runner from inception.

Ford was a powerhouse into the 1970s, and then the oil crisis hit, adversely impacting car manufacturers. The company kept pushing onward through the 90s until it started showing signs of life again in the 2000s. They have some of the best cars and engines on the market and the most consistently well-performing brand.

Ford engines have the durability and power that enthusiasts, racers, and experts demand. Continue reading

Dodge Cummins High Pressure Oil Pump

The Dodge Cummins is considered a great, reliable engine that has always had a reputation as hard working piece of machinery. The Dodge Cummins requires proper functioning of the of the oil pump so that it can deliver the perfect type of pressure so that oil can be delivered across the engine. If the pump is not functioning and the pressure is not at good levels problems can occur in the engine. There are certain sign you can watch for that will signal when the oil pump is not operating at his best.

One of the first signals, like with many problems will be the service engine light alerting you. This lets you know that the pressure is not high enough. A service engine light can mean that the engine is leaking oil. It can also mean that it has burned oil faster than is required. When there is a reduction in pressure the oil will not lubricate properly. Ignoring these signs could lead to overheating. Because the Dodge Cummins is a tough engine but it does require that oil be plenty high enough so that the oil is delivered to the engine bearings. When this is not happening you might hear a strange start sound.

  • Do not underestimate the importance of the high pressure oil pump in your Dodge Cummins engine. It is an important device which is repsonible for vital systems to work right. As the engine ages it is very important to keep a close check on oil levels.Dog

Ford Car Seats that Detect Heart Attacks

Things are getting pretty interesting at Ford Motor Company. Ford’s European Research and Innovation Center is working on a car seat that can detect heart attacks by monitoring heart activity. More info via The Daily Mail:The Daily Mail:

The Ford heart rate monitoring seat performs much like a traditional ECG, except the sensors are placed on the surface of the car seat instead of being directly attached to the driver.

These special sensors are capable of reading the heart’s electrical impulses through clothing and are able to use the driver’s natural contact with the seat to maintain a reading in most cases.

Ford expects the seats should be available by 2020.