The Merits of a Ford Power Stroke 7.3 Engine

Ford’s historically coveted Power Stroke 7.3 engine was considered one of the most reliable diesel motors in the Ford truck series, with some owners clocking well over 500,000 miles on it with no engine work needed (except possibly replacing the HPOP–high-pressure oil pump). If you were one of the lucky ones to have the ZF5 transmission, then you really had the full package. Continue reading

How to Install a Ford Injector Pump 

To install a Ford injector pump, it’s important how you go about removing the one you are replacing. If you can avoid it, do not remove the injector pump drive gear cover. It will make the entire installation process and the end-result timing adjustments easier. Continue reading

Most Anticipated Cars and Trucks of 2018

most anticipated cars trucks 2018

Every year, car enthusiasts wait in anticipation for the newest model or latest revision of their favorite design. Their excitement is often warranted, as car and truck manufacturers strive to stay ahead of the competition by making significant improvements, using the latest technology to create new models or add features to already successful vehicles. With these rapid changes, the automobile industry becomes more dynamic every year and usually produces several surprises in the process. Continue reading

How Does Exhaust Gas Recirculation Work on a Diesel Engine?

closeup powerful diesel engine

What Is Exhaust Gas Recirculation?

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is used in diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), specifically, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and nitrous oxide. These greenhouse gases contribute to the breakdown of the Earth’s ozone layer and add to increasing levels of unhealthy smog in high-density areas. Continue reading