From Fuel Injectors to Glow Plugs: 10 Ways to Increase Diesel Engine Performance

fuel injectors glow plugs

The diesel engine aftermarket offers a seemingly endless supply of products designed to deliver performance, improve fuel efficiency and add horsepower and torque. Some work better than others, but the following is a list of 10 modifications proven to make a difference. Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Car Enthusiasts

fathers day gift guide for car enthusiasts

Father’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about that special present you’re going to get your dad to show him your love. And when Father’s Day rolls around for that amazing car enthusiast, there are lots of fantastic choices. Check out these 30 great gift ideas! Continue reading

DIY Mechanic’s Guide to Troubleshooting EGR Systems

Owners of diesel-powered engines appreciate their vehicle’s longevity and minimal maintenance. Diesel engines have long been the top choice for those seeking lots of power, high mileage and few issues. But even diesels can run into trouble sometimes, especially if you typically drive short distances at very low speeds where systems like the EGR cooler don’t get fully used. Continue reading