Cummins Engines: 4 Reasons Why We Depend on Them

cummins signage and logo

Ensuring your diesel vehicle or machine has the longest life possible means getting your hands on the best engine on the market. Cummins Engines is the leader in diesel engines in terms of sales, construction and quality.

From truck to marine to high-power artillery engines, Cummins can provide the power and reliability you need.

1 – Friends in High Places

Cummins Engines is trusted by the UK Ministry of Defense as well as the U.S. government to supply these nations’ diesel needs. Primarily, Cummins Engines provides a variety of electronic technology that can withstand the extended use and hard terrain that often comes with military deployments. As peacekeeping and defense demands rise, so too does the need for quality equipment that can maintain peak performance for long periods of time in a variety of environments.

Today, Cummins boasts development and distribution centers in over 190 countries around the world. Its global presence ensures the company will continue to draw engineering experts from all over, further contributing to its high quality of diesel technology service.

2 – Working Toward a Cleaner Future

At the tail end of 2017, Cummins unveiled its newest, most environmentally friendly diesel engine: the Aeos 1, the first electric, heavy-duty truck and powertrain. This is just the first step Cummins is taking in their forward-looking business that foresees a future of clean diesel, no natural gas solutions for engines that still maintain the power and efficiency that Cummins products are known for. With the Aeos 1’s unveiling came Cummins’s promise that by 2019, an all-electric powertrain will be on the road in cities around the world.

With a talented workforce made up of some of the brightest engineers and technology experts in the business, Cummins has the tools it needs to continue its long history of research and practical applications in its engine labs. As the future turns ever more toward environmentally conscious options, Cummins will stand at the forefront with their newest innovations in diesel technology.

engine details closeup perspective

3 – Quality Parts, Quality Service

Over the last near-century of business, Cummins has become a global powerhouse in terms of engine supply, parts supply, technology advancement and customer service. It all comes down to one seemingly simple idea: practice. The more time you spend trying to perfect something, the better you get at producing perfection. That is why Cummins Engines is the leader in diesel engine construction and sales: They have spent 100 years perfecting their art.

Whether you are looking for a fully built engine or parts to repair your high-powered diesel machine, it is important to seek out the highest quality you can afford. Cummins’s parts are the best on the market, providing state-of-the-art innovations in design. For example, take the Dodge Cummins EGR Cooler 6.7L: A top-of-the-line design creates an essential engine component that reduces clogging and gives your engine the push it needs to perform efficiently for years to come.

Cummins employs over 58,000  employees, has 600 company-owned distribution centers, and over 7,000 dealers across the globe carry Cummins products. The company even has their own “Cummins Care” digital platform to provide direct care to customers at any time for any reason. The company is committed to excellence, and it shows in the loyalty and success they have achieved since 1919.

downtown columbus panoramic view

4- A Community Leader

Since its founding in 1919 in Columbus, Indiana, Cummins Engines has been a leader in providing monetary and moral support for its local community. With the business headquarters in Columbus, the area has become a “pocket of midwestern prosperity” in a sea of struggling cities, with an unemployment rate of only 5.2 percent — the lowest in Indiana. Since the 1950s, Cummins CEOs have worked to improve school buildings and literacy throughout the region, creating a community that attracts excellence because it reflects as much.

While this certainly makes the copany look good, it is also an altruistic endeavor, as schools in and around Columbus receive the funding they so desperately need, and students are inspired to excel. Cummins began coordinating its efforts with universities and city leaders, eventually convincing local colleges to create Columbus branches and, from there, boosting the graduation rate of the area to a healthy 88 percent by 2008.


Cummins Engines is more than a company that provides top-of-the-line diesel technology; it is a company that gives back to its community, provides jobs for thousands of Americans and supports the growth of education at all levels. Finding quality Cummins engines and components has never been easier, and the quality continues to shine. This is why we love working with Cummins and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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