Nine Reasons Why Buying a Diesel Engine Is a Smart Choice

Nine Reasons Why Buying a Diesel Engine Is a Smart Choice

Diesel engines are the workhorses that power man’s largest machines, from trucks, ships, and trains to tractors and irrigation pumps. Diesels are internal combustion engines that share many features with gasoline engines, but they generate much more power and function more efficiently. Continue reading

The Merits of a Ford Power Stroke 7.3 Engine

Ford’s historically coveted Power Stroke 7.3 engine was considered one of the most reliable diesel motors in the Ford truck series, with some owners clocking well over 500,000 miles on it with no engine work needed (except possibly replacing the HPOP–high-pressure oil pump). If you were one of the lucky ones to have the ZF5 transmission, then you really had the full package. Continue reading