Gearhead’s Guide to Ford Powerstroke Parts

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Finding the right Ford Powerstroke OEM or aftermarket parts can seem daunting. This popular line of truck has seen many changes over the years, and multiple features have been added to the original since the first Powerstroke came along in 1982.

Some parts of the earlier Ford Powerstroke engines experienced systemic problems. Many of the issues can be solved by replacing the part with an upgrade or an OEM or aftermarket fix for that particular system in later models.

Gearheads continually search for Powerstroke parts to improve or upgrade their ride. This guide will help you in your search to find the correct part to repair or improve your Powerstroke engine.

Head Gaskets

Powerstroke head gaskets have a reputation for popping due to the four head bolts surrounding each cylinder. The pressure on the torque-to-yield style bolt can cause issues, permitting the cylinder heads to lift.

A set of ARP head studs will solve this issue. However, you will need to have it done by a qualified mechanic in a fully equipped shop because you want the heads to be flat before installing.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler

The EGR uses engine coolant to lower the exhaust gas temperatures, before recycling the gases through the engine’s intake system. Keeping engine combustion temperatures down helps prevent the formation of nitrogen oxide pollutants.

Allowing superheated coolant to circulate again around the cylinder head can potentially damage the gaskets, due to the steam and substantial lowering of exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) when you pull a heavy load. Installing an EGR coolant kit eliminates this problem.

CAUTION: The EGR Cooler Delete kits eliminate the EGR entirely. Although removing the EGR may be good for the engine, you need to check beforehand to ensure you do not violate any state or federal laws by doing so.


Turbo failure is a common problem with the 2011-2012, 6.7-liter Powerstroke engines. The bearings, made from ceramic, sometimes fail. Turbo replacements for the 2011-2012 models have steel bearings, which have eliminated this issue.


semi Trucks

The 6.7-liter Ford Powerstroke trucks have two radiators. The primary one often must be replaced as leaks develop by the crimp connecting the plastic tank to the metal center. An all-aluminum after-market part is available that eliminates this issue.

Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) Power Supply

The original FICM power supplies have a reputation for low-grade electronic components. Instead of an OEM replacement, use an aftermarket FICM that uses military-grade electronics to avoid FICM failure.

Billet Housing

The OEM billet housing of the billet water pump is plastic. Replace the billet housing with a more robust one to increase the mileage between replacement.

Chips and Modules

You can now find upgrades for OEM chips and modules. Like the FICM, the originals did not use quality components, but the technology has improved significantly.

Replacing older parts with newer aftermarket versions can increase your torque power by 35% and increase your fuel efficiency by 10%.

Intake Systems

The 1999-2002 Powerstrokes have somewhat limited air intakes. You can replace the OEM system with an aftermarket version with a heavy-duty metal housing, filter port, and rain guard. This will provide your engine with cleaner air, increasing your power and giving you better mileage.

Wire Harness Chafing

The 6.0-liter Powerstrokes can experience a problem with wire harness chafing. This can cause a no-start caused by worn down wires, which can short or ground out.

Replace the wire harness and ensure you tighten it securely to keep engine vibrations from loosening it, causing you to replace it again prematurely.


Sensors replacements are common. Sometimes aftermarkets work fine, but, for the CPS sensor, ensure you replace it with an OEM. A faulty CPS sensor can cause your truck to cut out and eventually completely die. Quality control on aftermarket sensors is not as good as it should be, and some can be defective.

Final Thoughts

Ford F250 Power Stroke Edition pickup

The legendary Ford Powerstrokes are a favorite among gearheads to work on and repair.

This guide will help you anticipate problems before they start and fix any issues with the proper parts so that you can enjoy your vehicle for many years to come!

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