Gift Guide for Diesel Enthusiasts

gift guide diesel enthusiastsWinter is just around the corner, meaning that, along with the cold and snow, the holidays are also quickly becoming a reality. The smell of gingerbread, fresh-cut pines, and carols coming from the speakers are just some of the pleasures we have to look forward to for the upcoming season!

You’ve arranged your holiday parties and decorated the tree; Norman Rockwell could not have painted the scene better. You made your list, but you might be stumped to find the perfect gift for the diesel enthusiast in your life.

Thankfully, we have created an awesome list of the best gifts for any diesel lover to point you in the right direction. Give a little whisper to Santa and watch the delight when your hard-to-buy-for recipient pulls the bow and paper off these gifts!

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Stocking Stuffers

Big gifts are fantastic, but stockings often seem to fall short of the mark. Short of filling them up with mounds of chocolate, boring socks, and gift cards (unless they’re from diesel stores), it really is a challenge to put some wanted and useful gifts inside. However, your diesel enthusiast will look forward to their holiday stocking when some of these are hiding inside!

We will do a quick rundown of the requisite items that will need to go inside before tackling the exciting stuff.

festively decorated christmas tree

Everyone likes a fresh-smelling cab, so include a few air purifiers in the stocking. They come in huge varieties of scents, shapes, and colors, so you can pick out something they are sure to like.

What good is trucking down the road if you don’t have the right type of music and trucking songs to get you in the groove? Depending on their tastes, pick out the newest CDs by their favorite artists and include notes to turn it up loud!

Next to go in will be the small items like key chains, novelty items such as “I ♥ My Diesel” stickers, a new pair of driving gloves, and similar gifts. Tip: Whatever items you put into the stocking, there should always be one really special one hidden at the bottom!


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Fuel Bomb

The F-Bomb line of products is something every diesel diehard wants to receive as a gift. If your diesel lovers have never tried them, you will be their new hero! A proprietary blend of chemicals makes these powerful additives a must-have for cleaning the fuel injector systems by decarbonizing the combustion chamber and fuel injector nozzles.

F-Bomb Diesel Fuel Additive treats 500 gallons of fuel, prevents the formation of bacteria and algae, controls freeze-up and icing, and increases performance. F-Bomb ICE Diesel Fuel Additive treats between 125 and 250 gallons of fuel, offers all the benefits of the regular F-Bomb, and is designed specifically for use in the coldest of climates.

tip fuel booster quote

F-Bomb Hellfire +8 Cetane Booster is a performance enhancer that treats 125 gallons of fuel, adds 8 points to your cetane number, lowers the fuel flash point, and does everything the other two are have in common. Tip: While the full case will have to be wrapped under the tree, the 16-oz. bottle will fit perfectly into a stocking!


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Personalized Gifts

Are your diesel enthusiasts also into coffee? Mugs might be boring, but mugs with pictures of their beloved trucks sure aren’t. Take the vehicle out for a wash and a wax, and then take a picture worthy of any diesel magazine. You can upload your photo at any place that develops film and have them print it onto a mug, travel cup, or another beverage container.

The same pictures can also be used on other gifts they are sure to love, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps, mousepads, calendars, and keychains. You could also pick up frames that fits their personalities and put copies of the photos inside for them to put on their desks at work or in their home offices.


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Brand-Specific Gifts

Which diesel brand is the gift recipient most loyal to? Is Ford the only “real” truck as far as they are concerned? Does the sight of a Dodge roaring along make their hearts beat just a little bit faster? Is it the German engineering of Volkswagen which draws their attention? Does Bob Seger’s Like a Rock have them hankering for a Chevy or GMC? Perhaps their tastes run a tad more on the expensive side, and only a Mercedes will do.

Regardless of which one starts their fire blazing, there are tons of merchandise options that will have you crossing items off your list quickly. Branded products are a huge money maker, and they encompass everything from underwear to vehicle accessories. Depending on your budget, you may be able to do all your shopping in one place.

ford dealership sign

The internet is an excellent source for seeking out those items that may not be convenient for you to purchase locally, whether they are branded or not. Among the gifts you can expect to find are steering wheel covers, seat covers, decals, decorative items, clothing, playing cards, and visors.

As the holidays approach, you will also tend to find an interesting selection of items that typically would not be available all year long. Many stores will have gift sets of car care products that perfect for gift-giving.


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The Ultimate Diesel Builder’s Guide, the hugely popular magazine published by Beckett Media LLC, is an excellent gift for your diesel lovers, especially if they have ever thought about building their own custom rides. Get a load of tricks and tips used by pros to build the ultimate diesel truck any way you need or want, including a shopping list!

A fresh issue will arrive every two months full of useful articles with everything you need to know to get better-towing performance, improved fuel economy, and, of course, more power. While watching them scamper to the mailbox on delivery day, you can congratulate yourself on giving a winning gift at the perfect price.

Another subscription you may want to consider putting under the tree is Diesel World. Published by Source Interlink Media, Diesel World has the lowdown on all things diesel! Covering everything from marine and RV applications to all trucks, vehicles, and towing vehicles powered by diesel, to any type of diesel event and motorsport, this gift will have you looking like you peeked at their secret lists to St. Nick!


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Parts and Accessories

Of course, you can always purchase a bunch of gift certificates so they can buy whatever strikes their fancies. But if you feel fairly confident with auto parts shopping, then picking out the perfect presents will take you no time at all.

auto parts shopping quote

If the perfect diesel is in various stages of construction in your garage or workshop, then your job just got easier, especially if you are familiar with diesels yourself. Are they working with inefficient tools making their lives miserable and putting the project on hold? Get them a complete set of diesel mechanic tools. As a bonus, there is sure to be the right set of sockets in there for that appliance repair they have been putting off!

Are engine parts just not in their budget at the moment? Consider a generous gift of buying a high-pressure oil pump kit, or parts for the EGR system.


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Are they fond of watching movies? There are some iconic movies featuring diesel engines that, if your diesel lovers don’t have as part of their collections, they need to. Or, you can start a collection for them! Some of the older ones may be harder to find, but they really are worth the effort. Here are three that you should start looking for now:

Maximum Overdrive by Stephen King is the ultimate movie featuring diesel engines. Not only are there lots of power and diesel roars, but homicidal semis, lawnmowers, vending machines, and hairdryers come to life with the urge to kill—classic! Plus, the soundtrack was done by AC/DC.

Any stalker movie fans in the house? Joy Ride plays to our fears of talking to strangers when three friends begin a CB conversation with “Rusty Nail.” From his truck, the menacing voice stalks them across the country. You will get bonus points, too, if they love the late actor Paul Walker, who stars in the film.

Smokey and the Bandit was a huge hit in the late 70s, second only to Star Wars. Admittedly, while the lightsabers are truly cool, none of the space action featured the beauty of a diesel Kenworth.


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Other Ideas

red chevrolet duramax display

Have you heard over and over how nice their trucks would look with shiny new paint jobs and some custom work? Lucky for you, this gift is as close as the nearest auto detailing shop! Whether you want to put a certain amount in an account toward their heart’s desire or pay for the make-over outright, a simple thank you just will not be enough. If you weren’t their favorite person before, you are sure to be now.

While some diesel enthusiasts wear the dirt and mud on their trucks like a shining badge of honor, those at the opposite end of the spectrum want their babies to sparkle and shine at all times. If you have one that falls into the last category, you can give the gift of manual labor and offer to wash and wax until next Christmas. However, for those who want their gifts to require a bit less work, you can also purchase gift certificates for cleaning where they will not only bathe and wax the outside, but the inside will get a good scrubbing, too.

One of the most overlooked items for truck lovers are floor mats. Though these may seem like a “blah” gift, there are some cool ones on the market, and they will thank you when rainy or snowy days roll around.


Final Thoughts

Now that you are armed with a wonderful list of the perfect potential gifts, you are in fine shape for the holidays ahead. Getting a gift is delightful for the person receiving it, but, when you spend the time to put some real thought into what they would love the most, you will enjoy giving it even more. There is just something that comes from the satisfied feeling deep inside when you know that you have chosen the perfect present!

Even if you are not a lover of all things diesel yourself, you are bound to find the experience enjoyable. Who knows? Maybe after all the research, window shopping, and inspiration from various sources, you just may find yourself wondering how you can find out for yourself just what all the diesel fuss is about!

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