20 Can’t-Miss Diesel Podcasts and YouTube Channels

diesel podcasts and youtube channels

Ever since German mechanical engineer Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine in the 1890s, it has been used across the world in everything from cars to container ships. The engine is so popular, in fact, that many enthusiast and hobby groups have popped up around cars that use the engine. The name “Diesel” has come to be associated with a certain rugged strength and durability (think of the cologne, the actor, and the many gyms named after it).

There are special groups that meet to repair diesel cars and engines, drag racing teams that use diesel engines, and people who just meet up to talk about diesel engines.

Thanks to the internet, there are now popular programs that cater to the interests of this group of automotive enthusiasts. The numerous podcasts and YouTube channels on the topic leave no stone unturned in their attempt to build a global diesel community.

But, as with everything else online these days, there is too much of it sometimes. You may not know what to pick or what to follow. One site may be funny, but another one may be more informative. Some of them may be so amateurish as to waste your time.

To help you decide which channels and programs to follow, here is a list of the top 20 can’t-miss podcasts and YouTube channels about diesels, with their popularity ratings and their media output. The realm of online diesel communities is steadily growing. Don’t be surprised to see new channels popping up while you read this post. But, for now, these are some of the names you can trust.


Just a Quick Primer on Diesel Engines

modern diesel engine isolated on white

The diesel engine is a work of art

For those who are new to diesels or are here out of pure curiosity, here is how diesel engines work. Like gasoline engines, diesel engines use internal combustion to convert chemical energy (from fuel) into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy moves the pistons in the cylinders, which then move the crankshaft to rotate wheels, propellers, etc.

In gasoline engines, the fuel is combined with air, the pistons compress the air, and then the fuel ignites when the spark plug fires.

A diesel engine compresses the air first, and then injects the fuel using a fuel injector. Compressing the air creates heat, igniting the fuel.

diesel engine fucntion quote

In both engines, the fuel igniting leads to a series of tiny explosions. These explosions are what move the pistons.

The diesel engine was initially invented to provide an efficiency benefit over other types of engines. In fact, the diesel engine is the most efficient of all combustion engines, both internal and external. It achieves this mainly through it high expansion ratio (a tiny amount of fuel can go a long way). There is also very little fuel waste with a diesel engine. The best diesel engines can have an efficiency of more than 50%.


Now, for the List …


diesel podcast divider 1

Diesel Performance

Diesel Performance is a popular podcast about the three main types of domestic diesel engines: Duramax, Power Stroke, and Cummins. There are conversations, debates, and much more. The hosts (Paul Wilson and Chris Ehmke) cover everything any diesel owner would want to know. This is one of the best podcasts for lovers of diesel engines and light pickup trucks.

Where to find? iTunes (free)

How much stuff? 153 episodes

diesel podcast divider 2

The Diesel Podcast (by Street Diesel)

The Diesel Podcast concentrates on three brands: Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke. Guests include representatives from manufacturers, fellow diesel enthusiasts, garage owners, and social media personalities.

Where to find? iTunes (free)

How much stuff? 80 episodes

diesel podcast divider 3

Diesel Power Hour

The Diesel Power Hour has just two episodes so far, but it is related to the hugely popular reality TV show, Diesel Brothers. The show follows Heavy D and Diesel Dave as they salvage diesel trucks headed for the scrap heap and give them life.

Where to find? iTunes (free)

How much stuff? 2 episodes

diesel podcast divider 4

The Trucking Podcast

The Trucking Podcast is more about trucks (as the name implies) than diesel, but much of conversation is about the diesel engine. Hosts Buck Ballard and Don, the Beer Guy discuss trucks big and small.

Being truckers themselves, and self-proclaimed fans of anything with wheels, they manage to produce an entertaining show that just about covers every aspect of the diesel life, from gears to business.

Where to find? iTunes (free)

How much stuff? 50 episodes

diesel podcast divider 5

C-10 Talk

The C-10 Talk is a line of popular diesel-engine pickup trucks by Chevrolet. This podcast focuses on every aspect of the line, from builders and aftermarket to the C-10 community itself.

Where to find? iTunes (free)

How much stuff? 81 episodes

The C-10 is a favorite among diesel truck fans

full size chevy truck

diesel podcast divider 6


The 4×4 Podcast is all about off-road vehicles, trucks, Jeeps, Land Rovers, Land Cruisers, and the outdoor lifestyle. You will also find talk of “Wranglers, JK, TJ, YJ, CJ, XJ, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Trophy Trucks, Nissan, Xterra, Range Rovers, camping, cooking, dutch ovens and more!” as they say in their description. Naturally, diesels are a part of most of the episodes.

Where to find? iTunes (free)

How much stuff? 140 episodes

diesel podcast divider 7

Power and Speed

Power and Speed is a broad-topic podcast that covers everything about racing. Hosts Mike, Tom, and Tad explore such topics as the high-speed Texas mile events to local Street/Grudge. They invite racing guests and personalities onto the show, from top current professional racers to professional engine and chassis builders.

Listeners take part in the conversation, and they often give great show ideas, some praise, and criticism. The show has a thriving social media presence. Diesel fans won’t run out of things to learn or talk about with this podcast.

Where to find? iTunes (free)

How much stuff? 100 episodes

diesel podcast divider 8

Tech House & Speed

In the same vein as Power and Speed, the Tech House & Speed podcast is a combination of news and information about motorsports, house music, and racing. There is music and conversation, personality, and celebrity.

They talk about the engines (including many diesels), drifting, the rallies, purpose-built prototypes, and even some motorcycle stuff. The show does a great job of capturing the culture of the car enthusiast community.

tech house and speed quote

It is hosted by Bill Wood, an Emmy-award winning journalist. Bill also produces the music.

Where to find? ShoutEngine.com (free)

How much stuff? 85 episodes

diesel podcast divider 9

Everyday Driver

Everyday Driver is about all things car-related. The hosts (Paul and Todd) answer questions and help listeners find the cars that they need. They discuss extensively the behind-the-scenes of the car industry, as well as highlighting the process behind their review films.

Where to find? ShoutEngine.com (free)

How much stuff? 210 episodes

diesel podcast divider 10

The Auto Committee

If you want to listen to the latest on cars, the auto industry, motorsports, and diesel, then go no further than The Auto Committee. This podcast, hosted by Zach Miller and Gary Crawford, looks at the happenings in the automotive world, including supercars, aftermarket builds, and much more. Diesel fans will have a lot to learn.

Where to find? ShoutEngine.com (free)

How much stuff? 11 episodes

diesel podcast divider 11

Blown’ Smoke

If you are looking for the simplest possible format on cars and diesel, then you should check out Blown’ Smoke: It is literally just three friends sitting around talking about cars.  

Where to find? ShoutEngine.com (free)

How much stuff? 51 episodes



diesel podcast divider 12

Thoroughbred Diesel

This channel features parts videos from other diesel enthusiasts. The goal of the producers is to build a diesel community and turn them into experts. They provide instructional videos on how to fix problems and install parts, saving viewers time and money.

Previous Thoroughbred Diesel videos have involved the Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, and Ford Power Stroke diesel trucks, including discussion of their parts, such as the Ford Power Stroke’s pump. The channel’s creators even have an annual dyno event called Judgment Day, for which, of course, they provide videos.

There are also plenty of manufacturer interviews, product reviews, and unboxing videos of popular diesel products. The channel features new videos every week.

Popularity? 15,085 subscribers

How much stuff? 699 videos

diesel podcast divider 13

Cummins Engines

The Cummins Engines Channel is the official channel of Cummins Inc., the global engine manufacturer. Cummins is, in their own words, “a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems.”

With its headquarters in Columbus, Indiana, the company operates in about 190 countries through over 500 distributors and 5,200 dealers. This channel offers all the latest from one of the world’s most popular diesel engine brands.

Popularity? 25,577 subscribers

How much stuff? 219 videos

engine manufacturer cummins outdoor sign

Cummins is one of the most popular diesel engine brands

diesel podcast divider 14

Diesel Truck Authority

The Diesel Truck Authority is among the most solely diesel-dedicated channels around. There are videos on the industry, motorsports, drag racing, dyno, everyday drivers, sled pulling, swaps, burnouts, and even semis and heavy construction. It’s all diesel, all day.

Popularity? 15,080 subscribers

How much stuff? 257 videos

diesel podcast divider 15

The Diesel Stop

The Diesel Stop is an unofficial channel for the Cummins engine. It is fun, popular, and occasionally informative.

Popularity? 32,977

How much stuff? 97 videos

diesel podcast divider 16

Diesel Videos

Diesel Videos is a specialty site having to do with diesel and big rigs. Many of the videos are interesting; some even amusing. There is coverage of some events, as well as random things that happen on highways. It is worth checking out.

Popularity? 6,984 subscribers

How much stuff? 78 videos

classic american semi truck on highway

diesel podcast divider 17

Diesel Power TV

Diesel Power TV is almost exclusively about heavy-duty construction equipment. There is a range of videos of old Caterpillars and other diesel-related themes.

Popularity? 29,811 subscribers

How much stuff? 545 videos

diesel podcast divider 18

Diesel World

Diesel World is a great site for lovers of diesel cars and trucks. It will be particularly of interest to those who like to tinker with and work on their vehicles. There are lots of DIY videos on fixing and repairing virtually anything on any diesel vehicle, from Mercedes to Dodge.

The host’s love of diesel cars and expertise is clear from the first video you watch. This is one to watch out for if you are looking for something to follow regularly. In addition to DIY, the channel offers car reviews and detailing information. There is usually at least one video per week. The site doesn’t show how many subscribers it has, but there are plenty of videos.

How much stuff? 321 videos

diesel podcast divider 19

Diesel Drives

Diesel Drives is the Top Gear of diesel channels. It follows main host Bryan Grant and some other people as they go on a road trip, testing out diesel, gas, and electric vehicles. The show-like episodes are entirely produced, hosted, written, and edited by Bryan.

Popularity? 4,715 subscribers

How much stuff? 166

diesel podcast divider 20

Diesel Designs Gaming

Diesel Designs Gaming is not exactly a diesel car channel but a channel about building custom cars (some of them diesel) on video games like Farming Simulator and Car Mechanic Simulator. You may not learn much about actual cars but the videos are interesting and, if you are a gamer yourself, you will enjoy them.

Popularity? 136,477 subscribers

How much stuff? 1,830 videos

diesel engine fuel gauge

Diesel Up

So, there you have it. Twenty great resources for diesel enthusiasts to listen to at work, while exercising, in the car, or wherever. There is something here for everyone. When you find yourself trying to replace a faulty glow plug, rest assured there are numerous places you can turn for advice and help.  

So, if you feel inspired by what some of these guys have done, maybe try your hand at producing a video or podcast yourself. Get some equipment, and then do what you know best: Deal with diesel. There are many opportunities available for people with the right combination of skill and passion. Your name could be number 21 on this list.

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