3 Benefits Of A High Pressure Oil Pump In A Duramax

General Motor’s 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine greatly benefits from the inclusion of a high-pressure oil pump in the lower pan. The sheer size of this engine demands the use of pressure to push heavy oil through the system. Otherwise, the engine would suffer from poor flow that could lead to overheating, which in turn, damages the bearings and other internal components. Read on to learn about the benefits of including a high-pressure oil pump in the build.

Improves Lubricant Flow

The oil pump pulls lubricant from the reservoir and feeds it through the galleys to send fluids throughout the entire engine. Since the moving internal parts rotate at several thousand RPMs, it’s important for them to maintain a layer of lubricant.

If the oil pump cannot transport the fluid into the entire engine, internal parts will wear down incredibly quickly. A high-pressure pump makes sure the oil shoots all the way through the engine to the heads at the top. This keeps everything from the crank to the camshafts in perfect shape.

Reduces Heat Production

Oil reduces friction between moving parts by lubricating their external surfaces. Reduced friction allows the engine to operate at a lower temperature, which protects both moving and stationary parts inside the engine.

If oil sits at a high temperature for an extended period of time, the seals and gaskets could fail prematurely. Furthermore, sensitive metal parts, such as the aluminum heads, could warp out of shape from the high temperatures. A high-pressure oil pump quickly cools the oil and sends it back through the engine for another pass.

Extends Bearing Life

The Duramax engine uses a series of bearings to support rotating parts, such as the crank and camshafts. These bearings are made out of a thin piece of metal that sits in the supportive cutout in the block and head. In the center of each bearing is a small oil galley that allows lubricant to shoot through onto the bearing surface to reduce wear on the moving parts.

If the bearings wear too early, the rotating parts could end up gouged or even warped. The high-pressure pump ensures all of the bearings receive an equal amount of lubricant to keep the metal from wearing away prematurely.

In the end, the oil pump protects the Duramax engine in so many ways; it’s hard to imagine this build without it.

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