7.3L Diesel Engine Weak Points

7.3L Diesel Engine Weak Points

Every engine has its own unique weak points, and the 7.3L diesel engine is no exception. The precise issues and severity of the concerns may vary, but when you recognize that there are common weak points that do arise in the 7.3L diesel engine, you will find those concerns easier to identify and correct.

Limited Power

7.3L diesel engines are not at the high end when it comes to power. This can lead you into problems if you seek to improve the engine to make it more powerful. Most mechanics advise that you not alter the engine by doing anything other than replacing faulty parts and handling routine maintenance.

One of the issues with the 7.3L diesel is the potential for failing parts. If you maintain your engine properly, you can avoid or limit repairs. Some issues, however, may require immediate parts repairs or replacements when you encounter a problem.

Problems with Short Trips on a 7.3L Diesel

If you only drive short distances, your engine may experience cylinder washing. This is the process by which unburned fuel partially eliminates oil’s protective barrier on the cylinders. This may score your cylinder walls over the miles, which could lead to decreased compression and blow-by.

Issues with Transmissions

Most mechanics consider the 7.3L diesel’s main problem to be the transmission. It is more likely than most to “catch and slip”, which occurs more often in cold weather, and can cause headaches when you’re at stop signs and traffic lights. Vehicles with automatic transmissions are the ones that usually develop this problem.

Failure of CAM Position Sensors

Another issue that happens with regularity on the 7.3L diesel engine is parts failure. You may experience various problems with parts, but the CAM position sensor is one of the most common problems.

If you have a CAM position sensor fail, it will usually need replacement. It is not an expensive part, if you compare it to other parts that might have issues, but owners consider it a troublesome problem.


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