How to Calibrate the Rearview Mirror in the Ford F-Series Vehicles

The new F-Series seems to have a rear view mirror like most vehicles have. But this mirror is unlike any you have had in the past. Formerly, most rear view mirrors in cars were best used for looking at what was behind you or hanging up your sunglasses or name badge to keep them from getting crushed or lost. Now, in the exceptional Ford F-series, rear view mirror technology reaches new heights as the mirrors feature easily-calibrated auto-dimming features and a functional self-calibrating compass which enable the mirror to not only see where you have been, but are also capable of showing you how to arrive at where you want to go.

Calibrating these innovative devices can be easily done by following the provided directions regarding the auto-dimming feature or the compass. The auto-dimming feature does exactly what it advertises: as bright lights appear from behind, the image in the mirror darkens as the brightness increases. The compass is self-calibrating and is able to indicate the direction in which the vehicle is pointing. The compass features an LED-display and can be upgraded to provide not only direction, but also the outside temperature which can be chosen instead of the direction by using a toggle switch which enables the temperature to appear in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


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