Adjust Gear Shift Indicator in F-150

Sometimes, shift indicators can malfunction—leading to an array of nuisances when vehicle owners intend to park. If a 1997-2003 Ford truck improperly displays its position, several remedies exist.

If your truck is in Park, and if the indicator displays a Reverse position, the indicator may be working improperly. Similarly, if the indicator is off-center a little, the same problem may be attributed to the annoyance. The fix is, however, surprisingly easy, and it works well with many 1997-2003 Ford vehicles.

First, simply remove the vehicle’s trim panels, carefully. If this process isn’t taken with extreme care, the removed trim panel may damage the vehicle’s external structure, scuff important mechanisms or cause the trim panel to break. Once the trim panel is removed, separate the plastic shroud. This plastic shroud is located atop the steering column—where it surrounds the device.

The problem’s source is located near the right-most side of the vehicle’s steering column. Once the shroud is removed, it’s easy to access the spot. Identify the white plastic piece to the steering column’s right, and target the device’s black wheel.

The wheel should be attached to a purple wire. The targeted wheel is called an “adjustment wheel”, and it’s utilized to correct a faulty shift indicator. Turn the wheel, and examine the shift indicator simultaneously. As you turn the wheel, the shift indicator should wiggle a bit. Turn the wheel until the indicator is aligned—and until the vehicle’s correct shift is displayed.

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