Sprinter Van Info


The car dealership that delivers quality and luxury inside every vehicle is going BLUE. BLUE is the new GREEN in the world of fuel economy, omission reduction, and optimization. All the qualities one will find in a new 2014-work van, the Splinter. The Splinter has the world’s cleanest and purest engines. The transmission use super high-grade efficiency sulfur diesel fuel.

Mercedes- Benz has done it again.The new work van comes complete with everything new and updated. Green technology, might be the inspiration behind Mercedes- Benz’s BlueEfficiency technology. Nevertheless, Blue is definitely the right color,

The 2014 Splinter van comes in two diesel engine and two transmission choices; a powerful OM642 V6 engine with a durable 5-speed transmission or an OM65-1 4 Cylinder engine with a 7-speed 7G Tronic transmission. Most engines and transmissions have withstood five million miles of rigorous testing in the most severe weather conditions.

The new Splinter is BlueEfficiency. BlueEfficiency technology is the signature of the Mercedes- Benz omission reduction and fuel saving innovations. What else does the BlueEfficiency represent for the Splinter?

Features and Specifications

  • Dual engine and transmission combination
  • Fuel efficiency alternator and fuel pump
  • 18% fuel economy savings
  • Eco friendly power steering pump
  • CO2 emissions for quality control
  • 27 miles per gallon
  • Priced under $50,000
  • Cargo space of 318 cubic feet
  • Luxury work van
  • 188 horsepower
  • Four unique packaging designs
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Lighted exit doors
  • Electrically heated windshield, steps and seats

The base price for the Splinter is only $35,920, and this is with a few options. To get the Splinter fully loaded with all the latest BlueEfficiency technology, plan to spend at least $48,275. When it comes to saving the economy and washing away a few carbon footprints. No other dealership goes the extra miles or put in the extra savings like Mercedes- Benz.


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