GMC TopKick C4500 and C4500HD Specs -

The GMC TopKick C4500 and C4500HD

The TopKick, manufactured since 2005, weighs in at a whooping 11, 300 lbs, and is a true powerhouse. This truck was built for endurance, and for hauling nearly anything you can think of. It comes standard with a front axle hauling capability of 8,000 lbs and four-piston disc brakes, and a rear axle hauling capability of 13,500 lbs and two-piston disc brakes.

The TopKick is automatic four wheel drive, has a 6.6 liter turbo-diesel engine (an 8.1 liter V8 is also available) equipped with 32 valves, and has 300 horsepower at 3,000 rpm. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 14.4 seconds, and can go from 70 to 0 in just under 228 feet. Topping out at 75mph, the TopKick is built for hard labor, not for speed, but will have no problem keeping up with other cars on daily drives. A standard TopKick comes with an automatic Allison 1000 Series transmission.

The TopKick’s large 4 door luxury cab can seat 5, and comes with a list of added comforts, including think carpeting, leather seats that are each suspended on their own separate air bladder, and faux wood detailing. You and any passengers will have a magnificent view out the C4500’s panoramic windows, and plenty of space to move around. The TopKick is capable of hauling 5,000 pounds in its eight foot bed alone, and has a tight turning circle for easy maneuvering on the road and in parking lots.

While the mpg on TopKicks is low, 8 miles per gallon, the TopKick is not truly intended for leisurely drives, but for hauling large objects, such as buses, tractors, campers, etc. This vehicle is perfect for businesses specializing in waste removal, towing, hauling, or for farmers that regularly move livestock, farm equipment, or tools.

So what will a vehicle like this cost you? The base TopKick starts out at $70,000, and can climb to $90,000 with added features. Although it might seem expensive, that price is comparable to any “extra large” truck, and is even cheaper than a Hummer or Hummer 2. It will become an invaluable part of your business, and your life, and is sure to garner attention wherever you go.

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