Diesel Fuel Heater Function

What is the diesel fuel heater’s function?

Diesel fuel loses its viscosity in cold weather, turning it into gel or even freezing it. Your engine can’t use the fuel in this state to power the engine, so a diesel fuel heater raises the temperature so the fuel flows freely and doesn’t cause problems with the engine. This heater helps improve overall cold weather performance of diesel vehicles, as well as preventing filtration issues that could occur due to the gelling of the fuel.

What can go wrong with a diesel fuel heater?

The diesel fuel heater is an essential element of the diesel vehicle for cold weather climates, so keeping it operating as normal is necessary. The fuse can burn out due to the fuel heater if it’s not operating correctly. This isn’t an issue during the warm months, but as soon as it gets colder you need to replace the diesel fuel heater. The diesel fuel heater may cause a check engine light to come on if it fails or becomes physically damaged while you’re driving. This is a fairly easy part to replace on your own, as it plugs into the fuel filtration system.

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