Power Stroke Up Pipe Function

up pipe

If you are looking to up the performance of your diesel truck and are searching for options through ForDiesels, you are going to find all sorts of equipment available. However, one way to instantly improve the performance and power of your truck is through an uppipe feature. This aftermarket attachment to your vehicle typically has a two prong effect, so if you are trying to boost the overall performance of your vehicle, the uppipe can provide you with several benefits.

The aftermarket uppipe is going to allow you to remove the catalytic converter that is installed with the factory vehicle. While using the uppipe, you are going to notice a slight increase in the horsepower of the truck while the turbo spool time drops. While the exact horsepower gain you are going to experience does differ from vehicle to vehicle, you are likely going to see an uptick of about 10 horsepower. As for the decrease in turbo spool time, you should see a boost of around 500 RPM sooner with the uppipe installed on the truck.

There are several different materials used in an uppipe. These materials can range from mild and stainless steel to cast iron and inconel. The performance of each material is going to stay constant, although cast iron is more likely to corrode if not properly taken care of, due to the thicker material. If you are looking to purchase a new uppipe from ForDiesels and want to install the equipment yourself, it is possible to do it over the weekend, as it isn’t a terribly difficult job, as long as you do have experience working with cars. Generally, this is going to take a few hours to install, with a lift and air tools helping the process along. Regardless, however you install the new equipment, you are sure to appreciate the difference in performance.

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