The Function Of Turbo Feed Pipe

turbo feed pipe

The turbo feed pipe in a power stroke engine is a critical part – and one that many people find that they have to replace at one point or another. When an engine starts to age, the back of the engine area, most specifically the exhaust manifold, is going to need some special attention.

The function of the turbo feed pipe is to actually feed the exhaust away from the engine. When there are problems with this pipe, exhaust gases can linger around the engine. This can lead to dirt and gases getting into the engine and this is going to have a negative impact on the performance of the engine.

The turbo feed pipe is commonly referred to as an up-pipe and there may be a left and a right one based upon the design of the engine exhaust system. It’s not uncommon for a Y-design to be present. When a left turbo feed pipe has to be replaced, it’s best to replace the right one at the same time to avoid having to do the disassembly two different times.

Exhaust leaks are not that uncommon on older power stroke engines. While it can have to do with a problem in the gasket, it is also linked to the feed pipe. When the pipe is replaced along with replacing gaskets and lubricating all of the nuts and bolts, it can ensure that the exhaust system is leak-free for another five to ten years, which is what every driver wants to have.

The main function of the turbo feed pipe is to get the exhaust away from the engine. While there are other roles, this is the main one – and the most important for the overall integrity of the engine over the lifetime of the motor.


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