Ford Trucks: New Aluminum Body

To prepare for the huge task of creating a whole fleet of the new F-150, Ford has had to secure most of the automotive grade aluminum that went on sale in 2014. What change could have caused an order like that? Ford’s decided to risk alienating their client base by changing the F-150’s construction by building the body out of a new military grade aluminum.

But a perception of risk is all it is. Though the new F-150 has lost 700 pounds since last year, it’s no less rugged. As Ford’s reporting, the new body is just as strong as the old, and is still attached to a high-strength steel frame. It retains its tough design while also priming new drivers to save a few hundred dollars a year in gas by getting 30 highway mpg.

But it won’t just be a monetary gain. The new F-150 is a touch sleeker than its predecessors. Paired with the new aluminum body it accelerates quicker, breaks shorter, and resists corrosion longer.

But it’s not all good news. Buyers will have to deal with higher insurance premiums and repair costs.

Insurance providers will mostly likely raise their premiums from the lows of previous rates given to F-150 to premiums already paid by owners of other trucks. As for repair costs, many repair shops aren’t licensed to work on aluminum yet, a fact that looms over the cost of any repair. But as with all grey clouds, there’s a silver lining. More shops will certainly be speeding to get their license as more new trucks are sold and both of these expenses should be offset by the higher MPG and lower weight.

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