How To Change a Fuel Tank

If your fuel tank has developed a leak, is punctured or otherwise damaged it may need to be replaced. This is a fairly straight forward task that can be performed easily by the average mechanic. Remember that you should always be safety conscience and make sure you have the necessary tools on-hand before you begin.

What you will need:

  • Working Fire extinguisher
  • Replacement fuel tank
  • Fuel line
  • Hose clamps
  • Safe gas container
  • Floor jack
  • Wrenches, sockets, normal hand tools

Step One:

You will need to drain the gas from the tank being replaced. Once it is drained store it in your storage receptacle for use in your new fuel tank. Drain from the drain cock at the lowest point on the tank by loosening the valve and allowing it to completely drain.

Next Step:

Now you’ll need to remove the fuel lines. These connect to the tank. There are several lines. The large fill tube (where you add gasoline), the fuel supply line which is situated at the lowest point of the tank and then the vent line which allows pressure to be released. You might want to document the set up using a camera, before you disconnect the lines, for later reference.

Drop the rear:

Some vehicles have a beam in the rear. This might be a suspension beam or an axle with rear differential. If your auto has one of these you’ll need to drop the rear suspension by pulling them away from the shocks. Once that is done, support this beam using a floor jack and lower the heavy parts.

Disconnect and remove:

Now disconnect the rear brake lines and the large nuts attaching the rear beam to the frame. Now you can lower the assembly using the jack.

Meet your fuel tank:

The fuel tank is held by 2 metal straps. Remove these by loosening the nuts and they should drop. Pull them downward and they should unhook from each other. Next you install your new fuel tank using the reverse of these direction. This is a reverse of removal installation.

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