How To Install Cab Marker Lights

Before beginning this relatively easy installation of cab lights, be sure all necessary tools are not just available but carefully set out so they are convenient. Installation requires:

  • 3/8″ air or electric drill
  • 1″ hole bit for saw, 1/8′ pilot drill bit, 3/8″ drill bit
  • 1/4″ ratchet and 1/4″ extension of 6 inch length
  • 1/4″ deep weld socket, 10mm and 1/4″ socket, 7mm or 8 mm
  • Phillips and Flat blade screw drivers
  • Torx bit set for socket or screw driver
  • small wire ties, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper
  • electrical test light
  • Sharpie marker of a stand out color

After taking the lights apart, line them up as seen on cabs, and stand back to visually confirm the alignment. Mark the light installation holes and the end and front and back points of the lights with a Sharpie. Only make dots that are easy to see in aligning the installation. Remove the sun visor supports and the visors themselves. A center overhead console has to be removed, and the front piece you have to unplug for the light wire. Remove plugs off the side posts accessing the bolts. Remove bolts partially, letting them dangle and remove the two screws of the overhead console at rail fronts. A plate slides up in the rails and should be pulled out so access is opened to the roof behind the liner. The liner may have to be pulled down to ease this move.

Drill 1/8″ pilot holes for each mounting bolt and drill 3/8″ holes for mounting bolts and also drill the power plug holes . Use the 3/8″ holes as a pilot for the saw bit and drill out center holes. FYI: The metal will get hot so should be kept off the liner foam with a simple magnet. Apply silicone where lights will be mounted. Put the bases through the holes and apply the nuts on the underside beneath the head liner. Remove excess silicone.

Plug the wiring harness into the farthest access on the driver’s side. You may want to use a hot wire in the fuse box and a ground to make sure they work correctly.

Then put your truck back together, and pop the headlight switch panel cover out. Use test light to connect the park light power, and put covers on bases. Finished!


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