What causes an EGR cooler to go bad?


With any car repair it can be difficult to spot the exact reason why any part may have gone out or worn out. With many parts, there are specific reasons that often lead to failure and knowing a bit about these possible causes for failure can help you to keep your car up and running for far longer. With a complicated part like the EGR cooler, there are two or three possible causes for failure and each points to the need for further service of your vehicle.

The first and most common cause is of course restricted coolant flow. This generally happens when there is a blockage or contaminants in the oil cooler. This restriction of coolant makes it possible for the EGR cooler to stop functioning properly due to increased heat that often throws the sensor off. This restriction of coolant is something that should be looked into by a professional mechanic to help rule out any other issues that may be hiding. A restriction in coolant flow can also affect the rest of your engine and may cause overheating and other serious issues that could lead to the need to completely overhaul a system.

Another cause may be that the part has simply worn out or become old. Often times sensors and complicated parts like the EGR cooler are very finicky. This means that they can wear out easily just through normal wear and tear. Also, taking the time to have your car serviced and properly maintained is the best way to insure that parts do not wear out. Often, a mechanic can spot issues before they become major issues making it possible to correct these problems before they cause even more damage to your system that may already be compromised.

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