Installation of F150 Off-Road Lights is Easy

Installing off-road lights for the Ford F150 is easy. In the package, you will find zip ties, the lights, a switch, and 30 feet of wiring harness, including a relay. The following steps make this project easy.

1. Disconnect the battery cables, then remove the in-line fuses from the wiring harness.

2. Plug the relay into the harness, making sure the relay is both grounded and mounted. This is done by using the included screw to connect both the black ground wire and the relay box to the inside of the frame.

3. Using the zip ties, you will need to tie down the lamp lines that go to the bumper. The easiest route to the bumper is via the frame and along the radiator.

4. You will then need to run the other lines into the dash, which is done by following the wheel well between the door and the fender frame, then dropping the line down the fender, and running the line under the carpet inside the cab.

5. Next, you will need to pop of the dash trim and install the switch on the left side, drilling a small hole into the dash panel. The switch will be connected to a green wire and a white wire; pull tight to be sure they are long enough. The brown wire is the ground wire, which can be mounted under the dash inside the cab.

6. Now is a good time to re-insert those in-line fuses and then install the switch through the dash panel into the three wires, using the ring tightener at the back. Re-install your dash panel, and don’t forget to put all your knobs back on. You are now ready to install the lights, and then the job is done.


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