What tools are needed to remove a diesel fuel injector?


Removing your diesel fuel injectors may seem like a job for only a skilled mechanic but the truth is with the right tools, just about anyone with a little know how can remove their diesel fuel injectors. There are a few different tools that you will need to remove the fuel injectors from any diesel engine and with these tools, you can have your engine pulled apart in no time.

The first tool you will need is of course you run of the mill wrenches. This is to remove any covers, protective shields, and more that help to keep your engine enclosed. This type of tool is something that just about everyone has and there should be no reason to buy a new set. Wrenches are easy to come by and most injector covers use standard size nuts and bolts which means that you will not need to buy any special wrenches that are hard to find or useless for other jobs afterward.

The next tool you will need is of course what you will need to take the injector out themselves. This tool is ironically enough called a fuel injector remover. This tool offers a wide range of sockets, much like a ratchet set, that will fit injectors of any size. The set also includes the clamps and bars that you will need to create adequate leverage to remove your injectors. Depending on what company you purchase from, you may also find a simpler, less complicated tool. The less complicated tool is also a fuel injector remover but instead of complicated sockets and clamps, this tool is simply a tube in which you place your injectors then pull. If you feel at any time that you are not able to remove your injectors properly, you may want to call a mechanic to get some pointers.


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