What’s an HPOP Hose Used For?

An HPOP hose transports engine from the HPOP to the engine to lubricate things like the engine’s bearings, pistons, and camshaft. HPOP stands for high pressure oil pump and is often used instead of a standard pump for those that want to replace iol in their engine at a faster rate.

A high pressure oil pump hose is specifically designed to accomodate the higher pressure of the engine pump. Using a standard hose with a high pressure oil pump could lead to serious problems, such as a hose rupture. The hoses are connected to both the high pressure oil pump and the engine rails using special fittings that should allow for an easy disconnection in the future.

Each high pressure oil pump has two hoses, one on the driver side and one on the passenger side. The hose on the driver side is connected to the forward fitting on the high pressure oil pump. The passenger side hose is connected to the aft fitting. The other ends of the hoses are then connected to fittings on the cylinder head.

If a person believes their oil pump is operating with less pressure than it should, they could test the connections of the HPOP hose to the fittings. Gently pulling on the HPOP hose will indicate whether the hose is completely connected. The hose shouldn’t come free. If it does, then it hasn’t been installed correctly.

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