How to Install a HPOP Harness Upgrade

Follow the instructions below to install a HPOP harness upgrade.

  1. Battery disconnection: do not reconnect until complete to avoid fire or shocking risks.
  2. Follow instructions for installation of Electronic Signal Processor (ESP) and harness.
  3. Connection of the Temperature Harness and ESP harness instructions:
    1. Remove plugs from sections 4 and 5 in brown connector D of the ESP.
    2. Use needle nose pliers to pull the orange wedge lock from connector D.
    3. Insert black terminal wire into section 4 of connector D, push until it snaps into place.
    4. Insert green terminal wire into section 5 of connector D, push until it snaps into place.
    5. Note: when fully seated, the terminals will close flush with the top of connector.
    6. Pull firm on wires to confirm if properly seated.
    7. Push orange wedge-lock into its original position.
    8. Reconnect the brown D connector to the ESP.
  4. Look for the factory ICP (injection control pressure) sensor and disconnect it from its harness.
  5. Route the ISSPRO HPOP Harness toward the sensor. Plug the harness into the ICP sensor, and then plug the truck harness connector into the last connection of the HPOP harness.
  6. For those installing power adding modules to the ICP sensor, connect the ISSPRO HPOP Harness right to the ICP sensor, then connect the truck’s harness between the module’s harness.
  7. Connect the HPOP pressure gauge on to the ESP by following the ESP instructions about how to do this. NOTE: if you are drilling a hole for mounting the gauge, the size of the hole should be 2.040″.
  8. Make sure all the wire is secure and that no sharp edges or moving parts will cause chaffing. This is possible by routing wires through the factory provided wiring harness sheath, using wire ties, and sheaths, and using grommets that are appropriate when making passage through the firewall.

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