Mercedes-Benz Sprinter History


The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, launched in Europe in 1995, is a light commercial vehicle with various body styles, and over the course of its history, many badges and names as well.

The first generation Sprinter, badged and marketed by Mercedes-Benz, was designed to replace the well known Mercedes-Benz TN, and immediately was voted the 1995 International Van of the year. This vehicle was also sold in Japan under the Mercedes-Benz badge but with the name Transporter T1N.

In 2001 came the launch of the same vehicle in the US, and although it was still known as the Sprinter, it had been re-branded as Freightliner. After 2003 you could get versions assembled and branded by Dodge, who chose the Sprinter as a replacement for the Dodge Ram Van.

2006 saw the debut of the second generation Sprinter, known also as the NCV3 (New Concept Van 3), in Europe and other countries. The American NCV3 arrived in 2007, with slightly differing sizing and options, but was still basically the same as the European second generation vehicle that was voted Van of the Year in 2007 and 2008 by the Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine. Production of the NCV3 continues in Europe and Argentina (after a Latin American hiatus in 2011), but Dodge ceased production in 2010. This vehicle was also re-badged, re-engined and sold as the Volkswagen Crafter.

In 2014 a newer version was introduced, essentially the same as the second generation Sprinter, but a more styled look, fuel efficient engines, and several driver assistance technology options such as the Blind Spot Assist and Collision Prevention Assist. With these enhancements, the future for the Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Sprinter is looking good.

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