What is a Water Separator Valve?


A water-separator-valve is a valve that separates water from lighter liquids such as gasoline. This means that a water-separator-valve can be used to clean fuel thereby preventing water from entering an engine during operation. The filter work on the principles of gravity because water is heavier than gasoline it sinks to the bottom of the fuel filter. Without a filter in place, the water makes its way through the fuel filter and into the engine. The product works by using a lever that helps to drain water from the fuel filter. As the water settles into the bottom of the filter, it can be removed by using the lever. To combat the risk of fuel leaks, the water-separator-valve uses fuel resistant o-ring as a gasket to form a seal that prevents fuel leakage.

Signs and symptoms of water in your gas tank or fuel filter include poor engine performance. Specifically, your engine may sputter and act like it is about to die. In milder cases, the engine may knock and ping. These are symptoms that the fuel is not rich enough for minimal engine performance. In really bad cases, misfire may also occur. Any of these symptoms need to be take care of immediately as prolonged cases can lead to significant engine damage. Installing a water-separator-valve is a great preventative treatment for this potential problem.

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