Fix a 7.3L Injector Leak

In many cases, a fuel injector leak on a 7.3L engine is caused by a faulty fuel pressure switch. This is a fix that can easily be completed at home with just a few simple tools.

  • Fuel Pressure Switch

Though the fittings look like those on an oil sending unit, an oil sending unit socket cannot be used on a fuel pressure switch without taking off many parts. In order to avoid having to remove the engine mount as well as the turbo mount, use the ribs on a pair of channel locks to gently remove the fitting for the old fuel pressure switch.

Apply specially designed tape or sealant when installing the new part to help reduce the possibility of leakage. Tighten up the new fuel pressure switch by, again, using just gentle pressure with no squeezing to work the part into its socket. The tape or sealant that is used will help ensure a waterproof seal.

  • Filter Housing

In some cases, the O-ring is not replaced when the old filter is removed. This affects the seal that is supposed to be present. In other cases, this filter housing is not torqued down like it needs to be, resulting in a leak.

These two items are quick and easy places to start checking when this type of engine has a fuel injector leak.

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