Is an EGR Delete Legal?

MTU Exhaust Gas Recirculation

MTU Exhaust Gas Recirculation (Photo credit: Tognum: MTU & MTU Onsite Energy)

Truckers have debated the pros and cons of deleting an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system for years. However, there is one overriding risky downside to this action.

Deleting any pollution control device, such as an EGR, is illegal. Not only locally illegal, but this is a federal crime. Should your state inspection also test for emissions, you will fail.

Do not dismiss this particular federal crime. The fines for deleting EGRs or other emission control devices are large, sometimes $10,000 or more. While it’s true fines of this magnitude are rare, you’ll enjoy little benefit, except some loss of engine efficiency, by deleting your EGR.

You also must keep your EGR cooler. Make sure it’s working, as some have a tendency to fail, sending a warning code to your truck’s computer. These can be expensive to replace.

While deleting EGR will not recirculate exhaust gases, making more space for clean air in your combustion chamber, is traditional wisdom. However, modern engines, both gasoline and diesel, are often unable to take advantage of this clean air to improve power and efficiency. You may actually endure reduced horse power.

Since the greatest supposed advantage becomes a neutral issue, the risk of illegally deleting EGR makes no reasonable sense.

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