How To Reseal an Oil Cooler

Radiator header tank, alternator, oil filter, ...

Radiator header tank, alternator, oil filter, fan, radiator (Photo credit: wbaiv)

Learning to reseal an oil cooler will save you money for now and in the future, since you won’t need to rely on a mechanic once you know how to do it yourself.

First of all, make sure you have all the tools and parts on-hand that you need to reseal an oil cooler, which include a metric socket, a metric combination wrench set, an oil drain pan, a floor jack or jack stands, a flathead screwdriver or dental pick and spare cleaning cloths.

The next thing you want to do is make sure you know where the oil cooler is in your car’s engine then place the automobile on jack stands or a floor jack. Remove the belly pan and disconnect the exhaust headers, using your socket, racket and combination wrenches. Remove the oil filter and disconnect the wires from the pressure-sending unit then use the thin, open-end wrench to remove the oil pressure-sending unit, and you will see the old oil cooler that you need to reseal.

Take out the old seal and replace it with the new seal, centering it onto the oil cooler unit then attach everything you disconnected during the initial phase of the process. Make sure you check the nut so the cooler seal is not shifted or pinched. Refill the car’s oil tank then check for leaks.

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