The Importance of Proper Maintenance in High Pressure Oil Pumps

Ford Super Duty trucks care PowerStroke engines. These engines can also be found in the likes of the Ford Excursion SUVs and in Ford Econoline vans, as well as a few other Ford products. They are internal combustion engines that rely on high pressure oil pumps to help keep them running properly.
An oil pump is used in any internal combustion engine to keep the oil circulating. Operating under pressure, it consistently sends oil to parts of the engine; including the rotating bearings, sliding pistons, and the camshaft. These parts need the lubrication in order to run properly. Without it the friction from rubbing parts would create too much heat.
Speaking of heat, not only does the oil pump help keep the engine working by providing constant lubrication, but it also helps to keep the engine cool. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain a working oil pump and to keep the indicated amount of oil in the engine. If the oil level is too low, or if the oil pump fails the rest of the engine will eventually fail as well.
Aside from having to replace a leaking oil pump, the maintenance of oil is relatively easy. Simply keep a check on how much oil is in the engine, and fill it up with more oil as it runs low. Also, remember to completely change out the oil about every 7,500 miles to every 10,000. Take care of your high pressure oil pump, and your car engine will take care of you.

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