What Does A High Pressure Oil Pump Do?

When Ford Motor Company says something is “Built Ford Tough” they mean it, and that’s why a high pressure oil pump is an essential part of the Ford Power Stroke engine. There is an oil pump in every engine, and its job is to circulate the oil throughout the engine. Essentially, it moves through the rotating bearings, the sliding pistons and the camshaft portion of the engine. There are three important functions that the high pressure oil pump has in the Ford Power Stroke engine.

  1. The high pressure oil pump fires at such a high pressure so that the fuel injectors are able to fire. This was introduced on the 1994-1997 line of Ford trucks with Power Stroke engines.
  2. The high pressure oil pump is primarily used as lubricant for the entire engine but it has been found to serve additional purposes in the Ford trucks, including as a hydraulic fluid that helps to run small actuators within the engine as well.
  3. In recent years, the high pressure oil pump has also been used for a variety of other things including: as a tensioner for a timing belt, a tensioner for variators and a tensioner for variable valve timing systems.

The HPOP is a key component in a strong engine designed to help big vehicles have a long lifetime on the road. The high pressure oil pump is known as one of the best parts of the Power Stroke engine, which is built into many different Ford model trucks. It keeps the engine running good and extends the life of the engine by years, and has proven over time to provide a variety of different positive benefits to the truck itself. This is just one reason that Ford has continued to use the pump in its Power Stroke engine.

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