Replace a 7.3L Fuel Injector

The 7.3L fuel injector is for the fuel injected eight-cylinder diesel engine. The Ford power stroke engine was produced from 1995 to 2002 and typically used in ¾ ton pick-up trucks and heavier. The fuel injectors on a Ford 7.3L diesel engine can be removed individually from the other injectors without having to remove the engines fuel rail.

What you’ll need:

· Engine oil

· Drain pan

· Set of socket wrench’s

· Rotunda injector sleeve brush #104-00934-A

· Injector remover #T94T-9000-AH1

· Injector replacement #T94T-9000-AH2

· Shop towels


1. Place an oil draining pan under each of the oil drains, open plug with a socket wrench, allow the oil to drain and replace the plug. Draining the oil will prevent any oil from getting in the combustion chamber while replacing the fuel injector.

2. Disconnect and remove the valve cover using a socket wrench, unplug the electrical connector from the fuel injector and remove the drain plugs from the oil rail and fuel rail. Remove the retaining screw for the oil deflector and disconnect the oil deflector. Remove the retaining bolt for the fuel injector.

3. Place the fulcrum of injector remover above the cylinder head and below the hold-down plate of the fuel injector. Fasten the remover screw in the hole of the injector plate, tighten the screw to remove the fuel injector from the injector bore and discard the copper washer.

4. Use the Rotunda Injector Sleeve brush to clean the injector bore and remove any debris or sealant residue. Lubricate the new fuel injector with clean engine oil and mount the new copper washer on the injector.

5. Gently push the fuel injector into the injector bore to set the O-rings. Put the open end of the injector replace between the fuel injector and the hold-down plate. Fasten to the cylinder head with the retaining bolt included with the tool kit. Tighten bolt to completely seal the fuel injector and disconnect tool from the cylinder head.

6. Reinstall the oil deflector and tighten the mounting bolt to 108 inch-lbs using a torque wrench. Tight the drain plugs from the fuel rail to 96 inch-lbs and the oil rail drain plug to 53 inch-lbs. Reconnect the wiring harness for the fuel injectors, install the valve cover and replace the oil with new oil.

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