HPOP Purpose

High Performance Oil Pump, or HPOP for short, is required to pump oil in and around Ford Motor Company’s Powerstroke diesel truck engines. It is the only type of pump that can supply enough pressure to get the oil into every area of the engine it needs to go. Without it most Powerstroke engines would be useless and unable to move or function. Combustion engines, running on diesel fuel, need a lot of oil delivered to the pistons so they don’t overheat and lock up. A heavy duty truck engine is always in danger of freezing up if not enough oil is in the engine.

The HPOP not only delivers oil to the engine’s moving parts, but also monitors the pressure it’s using as it delivers the oil. The amount of oil remaining and any necessary refills is monitored too. When the engine light goes on, the HPOP may be reporting a drop in the amount of oil remaining, or it may be reporting something more serious such as the lack of pressure inside the engine. Not enough pressure means not enough lubrication of the entire system, and that’s just plain bad. Oil leaks decrease the pressure too, because there are small holes in the oil delivery system.

What’s worse is an oil pump that can’t deliver the oil fast enough. Air bubbles can form in the oil pump lines and air bubbles in the engine create havoc because there’s really no way to expel the air bubbles from the engine once they are in. Using a 0w oil reduces the need for more power because the oil’s viscosity moves quickly and easily through the engine parts. More traditional oil weights like 5w or 10w are too viscous to move as fast. In these high performance diesel engines, the 0w oil is exactly what you want and need if you expect your truck to keep running.

Ford’s Powerstroke engine isn’t the only diesel engine that takes advantage of HPOPs. Dodge Ram and General Motors each have their own high performance truck with this component tucked into the engine block. Currently no other truck company is in competition or uses a HPOP in their trucks.

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