Replace Ford 7.3L 94-97 Injector

Replace Ford 7.3L 94-97 Injector

Draining the HPOP reservoir or the crankcase is not necessary prior to replacing this type of fuel injector. Start by removing the engine cover, CCV assembly, air filter, intercooler tubes and turbo intake hose. In addition, make sure to unplug the wiring harness before removing the side valve cover on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Start with the driver’s side first, where there is more room to maneuver yourself and your tools.

To unplug old injectors, flip down the clips holding them in place. Proceed to pull up on the wire plug in order to remove glow plugs. Then, gently take out the gasket and set it aside to be reused later.

Oil spouts will need removed with a five mm wrench. Your old oil spouts will be placed on the new injectors so lay them in a safe place where you can easily find them later. Next, detach each injector’s lower retaining bold with an eight mm socket. Leave the upper bolt alone because the injector collar easily slides away from the upper bolt.

Begin working with the rear injector and move forward since the engine’s angle permits most of the oil and fuel to drain into the last cylinder. Apply pressure with your prybar between the head’s top and the injector collar. Carefully remove the rear injector when it becomes free from its spot and continue on removing the remaining three injectors.

To soak up oil seeping from the holes, stick rags in the holes and crank the engine by hand several times. Also clean injector holes and make sure all copper washers were removed when you took out the injectors.

Using your 10 mm socket, remove glow plugs and then begin installing the new injectors. Lubricate them with engine oil before placing one in its hole. Seat each injector by giving it two or three good smacks with your hand once you have it firmly in the hole. Use the rubber mallet to secure all four injectors.

With your eight mm socket, torque the lower retaining bolts to 120 inches/pound and put back all oil spouts. Put the valve cover gasket back on and plug in all injectors, making sure the metal clips are secure. When replacing the VC cover, just tighten a couple of bolts since you still need to replace the old injectors on the passenger’s side of the car.

After reinstalling glow plugs, hook up the main wire harness and everything else you removed at the beginning of this project. Rebuild oil pressure by cranking the engine for about 25 seconds. Allow the starter to rest for a few minutes and then try another 15 second crank. If it doesn’t start, just let the starter rest a little longer. You will be able to hear the new injectors clicking prior to the engine firing.

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