Replacing a High Pressure Oil Pump

diesel fuel pump on the engine

diesel fuel pump on the engine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Replacing a high pressure oil pump is a job that anyone who maintains diesel engines will ultimately face. While the exact procedure varies a little from one vehicle to the next, here’s a look at the basic steps involved:

  1. Using a pan or large, shallow container, get ready to catch oil as the pump is disconnected.
  2. Remove the end plug from the port, using a rag to collect additional oil. Dicard the O ring.
  3. Remove all attached hoses; a special tool may be needed on some models.
  4. Pull the discharge fittings from the pump, agains discarding the O riungs.
  5. Using needle nose pliers, take out the spring and check assemblies.
  6. Using a commercial brake cleaning product, clean all ports and fittings.
  7. Remove the old pump and replace with new one. Make sure new gaskets are used. Scrape away any remnants of old ones.
  8. Reinstall check valve and spring.
  9. Install new O rings on the fittings.
  10. For the discharge fittings, apply Loctite thread compound to the frist three threads.
  11. Reinstall all discharge fittings; torque to spacified amount in manual.
  12. Re-attach all high-pressure hoses.
  13. Using a commercial brake cleaner, clean the end plug port. Make sure that the plug is now dry and free of any dirt or particles.
  14. Place new O ring on the end plag.
  15. Clean the por thoroughly. All oil must be removed.
  16. Use Loctite on the first three threads.
  17. Install the end plug aand torque as specified in the manual.
  18. Crank the engine, then watch all connections for any possible leaks.
  19. Check the oil level and correct if needed.

By following these basics steps you’ll find that replacing high-pressure oil pumps can be quick, easy, and hassle-free.

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