Replace Ford 6.0L 04-09 Injector

Cut away diagram of a fairly basic fuel inject...

Cut away diagram of a fairly basic fuel injector for the fuel injection article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is very simple to replace an injector on your Ford 6.0L engine. First, you should gather the necessary tools. You’ll need an Injector Release Tool, that can be found at any Ford dealership and most auto supply stores. You’ll need a High-Pressure Supply Tube Remover, also available from dealerships and most auto parts stores. You may also wish to have some 15W40 motor oil on hand, as well as some brake cleaner.

After you gather the supplies, it’s time to get to work. Start by removing the valve cover from your engine. This is a quick and easy process, and simply involves loosening a few bolts. Then you need to disconnect the electrical connector for the actual fuel injector. Following that,you need to loosen the crankcase-to-head tube assembly, then position the crankcase-to-head tube and separate the tube. Once this is done, allow the lower section to go back down.Then remove the bolts and the high-pressure oil rail. Then you can remove the crankcase-to-head tube and inspect the D-ring seals for any type of damage. If you notice any damage, you should replace the crankcase-to-head tube.You should also remove the port plug from the high-pressure oil rail and inspect theO-ring seals for damage. Again, if you notice any damage, replace the port plug.

After these steps are complete, it’s time to remove the injector itself.Using the Injector Release Tool, push the fuel injector electrical connector out of the rocker arm carrier. Then insert clean shop towels in the oil drain holes adjacent to each glow plug. Then you can loosen the bolt and remove the bolt and fuel injector hold-down assembly and the fuel injector itself.

A few notes to keep in mind when doing this project: When you are completing this job, you should always ensure that you NEVER remove the oil rail end plugs or acoustic wave attenuator port fittings, as service parts are not available to support these components.You should also never use air tools, as they can damage the components that you are dealing with. And make sure you account for all snap rings and replace them properly when putting the engine back together. Missing snap rings can cause irreparable engine damage. In addition, if you find engine coolant in the combustion chambers, it may be necessary to install a new injector sleeve.

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