Mighty Ford Powerstroke Parts

Ford 99' F350 7.3L Turbo Diesel

Ford 99′ F350 7.3L Turbo Diesel (Photo credit: Highway of Life)

The Ford Powerstroke Diesel has been a highly popular truck. A lot have been produced and sold. Ford Powerstroke parts enhance its performance  and lengthen its life.

Think of your Ford vehicle as a winning athlete. Certain power drinks and powders that provide essential amino acids and proteins can enhance muscles for a powerful athletic event or workout. Genuine Ford Powerstroke parts like the fuel injector, high pressure oil pump and glow plug are important to keep your Powerstroke Diesel in the very best running condition.

Designed by Caterpillar, the Ford Powerstroke fuel injector system functions with hydraulic oil pressure from a high pressure oil pump. A high-tech design sends signals to an injection control pressure regulator, forcing it to open or close. This action regulates the volume of pressure of oil sent to the oil galleries. The fuel lift pump, fuel injector and the Ford Fuel Injector Control Module work together to provide smoother, more efficient combustion.

Ford’s high pressure oil pump is an integral part of the High Pressure Oil Control system that actuates the HEUI fuel injectors. It works along with a high pressure oil reservoir, sensors, regulators, high pressure hoses and oil rails in the cylinder heads.

Powerstroke glow plugs are like spark plugs on steroids. They provide a powerful spark that ignites fuel and air in the combustion chambers. Over time, age, heat, gasoline and oil contribute to their wear. Keep them changed every 30,000 miles for optimal performance and fuel economy.

The mighty Ford Powerstroke depends on the hi-tech fuel injector system, high pressure oil pump and glow plugs to run a good long race.

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