Identify and Fix and HPOP Leak

1961 Ford H-Series trucks

1961 Ford H-Series trucks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A standard oil pump leak is not much to worry about until a half quart of oil has to go in every other day. With a high pressure oil pump leak, you don’t have that option to wait because the amount of pressure required to keep up with the engine lubrication process can’t slow down or it could ruin the entire engine. Most Ford trucks that run on diesel fuel will require at least one high pressure oil pump fix during the life time of the truck.

Ford may recommend that you buy their leak fix kit because it’s their truck, but for experienced mechanics, this is the worst suggestion. Ford only sells you three O-rings and instructions and you have to buy the hoses and plugs separate. That alone will cost you more than four hundred dollars to fix if you buy all the kits and parts from Ford.

Seasoned mechanics and do-it-yourselvers suggest that since most of the engine parts Ford puts in their trucks are foreign built anyway, buying a foreign HPOP kit is a much better deal. You still have to buy the hoses separate, but for one third of what Ford Motor Company charges. The actual pump repair kit here comes with three O-rings, a standard plug and a plug with extended threads and the instructions. It’s twice the price of the three O-rings kit that Ford will sell you, but the additional parts are something you would have to buy anyway. Again, Ford charges even more for that.

The whole procedure works the same if you were planning on replacing the HPOP itself. If you’re at least familiar with how this works, then once you have removed the HPOP itself and inspected it, you can turn out the contents of your kit and get to work on the area where the leak seems to be springing from. You can test the new parts for leaks with air, but that’s another job for another time. Make sure the old oil is cleared away from the area of the suspected leak so if new oil leaks you can see the trouble spot. Reconnect the pump to the engine and start it to get oil going through. (Don’t forget the oil; this is a step in “replacing the HPOP”). If you don’t notice any more leaks, good job! You did it!

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