How to Install an ICP Sensor


Truck (Photo credit: – jre -)

Early style ICP sensors have become a hot topic lately as many older models have found themselves in need of a replacement. Installing new sensors is not too difficult and should only take 1.5-2 hours using this guide. 

First you’ll need a 5C3Z-12224-A connector, and a SC3Z-9F838-EA Sensor, and basic tools, it’s best to buy these new in box so you know they work. 

After you have the parts you need, you’ll need to determine what part you need to remove from your vehicle in order to gain access to the sensor. In most common applications this includes the air filter, degas jug, rear studs on the manifold for the intake, and possibly the FICM. After those are safely removed and placed out of the way you’ll have an exposed ICP sensor. 

Using a right angle pick of sufficient length you need to first remove the ICP sensors connector. Pull it out of the way so you have room to work around it. Then using an extension like the 1 1/16th crowfoot and possibly a swivel and tongs, you can remove the old sensor right by where the rear intake stud for the manifold used to be. This part can be tricky because the old sensor and wires may be very slick with old oil. 

After that you’re ready to install your new ICP replacement sensor. You want to install it just the way the other one was inside the housing, but this time be sure to install your connector wires as close to the sensor as possible. You’ll need to trim them up so no loose wires can make contact with any other hot parts of the engine, trimming your replacement wires the same length as your older ones could work perfectly, or you might need to make some slight adjustments. 

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