How to Replace your Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Injector for Engines before 2003

English: Common rail fuel injection injector f...

English: Common rail fuel injection injector from Deutz 7.2 Litre diesel engine for Volvo FE/FL range (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most Ford Power Stroke Diesel engines have fuel injectors which are the primary fuel delivery system for your vehicle. If you experience any problems, you can replace the existing fuel injector with the remanufactured Bostech DE002 fuel injectors. These injectors where made specifically for 6.0L Power Stroke Engines made before September 2003 for 2003-2004 Ford vehicle models F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 as well as for the Ford Excursion. 

Removing The Old Fuel Injector Before starting on this project, you will need three special tools: quick disconnect tool (303-625), quick release coupling – disconnect tool (303-755), and the injector connector – release tool (303-1115). Never use air tools to remove the Ford’s fuel injectors. This can cause the injector clip to dislodge and fall into the oil drain hole. 

You should also have shop towels and clean engine oil ready. Check your Ford owner’s manual to ensure these steps can be performed on your particular vehicle. 

  • Step #1: Remove the valve cover and disconnect the electrical connector on the fuel injector. 
  • Step #2: Using the quick release coupling-disconnect tool (303-755), place the tool on the supply line for the high pressure oil rail. Disconnect the line. 
  • Step #3: Remove the bolts to the high pressure oil rail and carefully lift the rail away. You do not need to drain the fuel rail. 
  • Step #4: Use the quick disconnect tool (303-625) to disconnect the other end of the high pressure oil supply line. Remove the line. 
  • Step #5: Use the injector connector-release tool (303-1115) to push against the electrical connector of the fuel injector until it is out of the rocker arm carrier. 
  • Step #6: Place the clean shop towels into the drain holes next to each glow plug. Remove the fuel injector assembly. 
  • Step #7: Take off the fuel injector by removing the bolt and the hold-down. Install New Fuel Injector

Before installing the new fuel injector, ensure you have all new O-rings and a copper washer. Inspect the fuel injector for damage. If the oil inlet D-ring shows signs of damage, you will need to have a new fuel injector. 

  • Step #1: Place on the new copper washer and O-rings to the fuel injector. Lubricate the O-rings and injector with the clean engine oil.
  • Step #2: Install the fuel injector in place as you tighten the bolt and hold-down.
  • Step #3: Take out the shop towels from the drain holes and place the fuel injector’s electrical connector back into the rocker arm carrier.
  • Step #4: Lubricate the top of the fuel injector’s O-rings with the clean engine oil.
  • Step #5: Place the high pressure oil rail back inside as you hand-tighten each bolt.
  • Step #6: Use the quick release-coupling tool to tighten the bolts. Tighten two of the bolts on the one side and one bolt on the other side. Then alternate from one side to the other to tighten the last of the bolts.
  • Step #7: Reconnect the high pressure oil line and the fuel injector’s electrical connector. Install the valve cover to finish the installation.

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