How To Install A 7.3 Diesel Injector


English: "Filling station" 7.3 road ...

English: “Filling station” 7.3 road sign. Русский: Дорожный знак 7.3 “Автозаправочная станция”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you looking to install a 7.3 diesel injector into a Powerstroke engine? The process may seem fraught with complications, but it’s actually quite a bit easier than you might expect. The installation will simply take a bit of patience. Follow the steps listed below and you’ll have your 7.3 diesel injector installed in no time!

Preliminary Caution

The first few steps in this process may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people damage themselves or their vehicles by failing to use common sense! Before you begin installing your diesel injector, be sure that the vehicle is turned off and that the battery is disconnected. You will also need to remove the valve cover from the driver’s side, as well as the air filter assembly, the CCV assembly, the turbo intake hose and the valve cover gasket. Be sure to unplug the main wiring harness and the glow plugs before you proceed.

Removal With Tools

The process of removing parts is not quite complete at this point. You will need to get a good wrench and remove all the oil spouts from the injectors. Additionally, a socket will be required in order to remove the retaining bolts from the injectors.

Pry Bar Pressure

Next, obtain a small pry bar and use it to apply pressure to the injector collar. A fair amount of pressure may be needed in order to free the injector. Once you’ve accomplished this step, you should be able to hear oil pouring into the cylinder. Finally, before you begin to install the new diesel injectors, be sure that all the glow plugs have been removed. You may need to once again use a socket to complete this plug removal.

Install New Injector

Use engine oil — of the clear variety — to coat the new injector. A thorough coating is desirable for this step. Once the injector has been well coated, insert it into the appropriate hole. You may need to apply moderate pressure to the injector in order to ensure that it has been properly fitted. Some individuals prefer to accomplish this with the help of a small rubber mallet. Once you’ve determined that your injector is properly in place, bolt it down tightly. Following the bolting of the injector, all you need to do is replace the oil spouts and retighten the bolts!

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