Install at 6.0 Injector

If your truck or van is starting to experience such symptoms as rough running, smoke, stalling, power loss, misfiring, jerking and difficulty starting, then it may be that you have a fuel injector failure. Read on for specific instructions for replacing your 6.0 L Powerstroke fuel injector.

1. Remove the valve cover.

2. Remove the oil standpipe with an allen wrench, if you have a truck built after 2003.

3. Remove the 8 high pressure oil rail bolts and pull up on the oil rail to remove it.

4. Perform an inspection of the oil inlet area. Injectors with broken tops indicate air in the fuel or lack of fuel pressure. Metal shavings indicate that the high pressure oil pump is failing. Either of these problems must be fixed immediately.

5. Disconnect the electrical connector. Use a 9mm 12 point chrome socket to push the body out of the rocker housing.

6. Loosen the torx bolt holding the injector. Remove the copper tip gasket from the head.

7. Make sure that the o-ring and tip gasket contact areas are clean.

8. Lubricate the o-rings with engine oil.

9. Place the new injector into the injector cup.

10. Clean the bolt hole of any oil that may have run into it. This is critical. Tighten the injector hold bolt.

11. Lubricate the inlet tubes of the high pressure oil rail using engine oil.

12. Set the rail in place and tighten the bolts.

Keep in mind that you have just pushed some air into both the fuel and oil systems. Your vehicle will run rough and be a little difficult to start for a while after this procedure. Once the air has worked its way out of the systems then these problems will disappear.

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