Modifying Your Exhaust Gas Recirculation: Avoid An EGR Delete And Stick With An EGR Cooler

Vacuum actuated drive to switch a valve to the...

Vacuum actuated drive to switch a valve to the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may have heard of exhaust gas recirculation, or EGR, that is part of your diesel or gasoline engine of your truck. You may have also heard the numerous complaints about this, and the many ways (some that are even illegal) that you can do to adjust the EGR of your vehicle to increase performance and decrease engine oil contaminants.

What is EGR?

If you don’t know what EGR is, EGR is an emissions reduction technology to reduce the amount of air contaminants and nitrogen oxide that is expelled from the engine. The EGR system directs some of the engine’s exhaust gas back into the cylinders, as this recirculation causes the engine’s combustion chamber to produce less nitrogen oxide to become expelled.

The problem with EGR systems is that the recirculation of exhaust gases produces extra heat that is forced back into the engine intake that effects engine performance. There are also additional contaminants entering into your vehicle’s engine intake that does not become burned off. Instead, soot forms to clog your engine intake and dirty up your engine oil.

EGR Options

Currently, there are two options available to improve the EGR system to reduce contaminants and lower the heat that is forced back into your engine’s combustion chamber: the EGR Delete and the EGR Cooler.

The EGR Delete is a kit installation that removes the inter-cooler pipe that forces heat back into the intake and replaces it with an aluminum tube that doesn’t re-enter the EGR system. The EGR Cooler is a heat exchanger that is installed on the EGR circuit. As hot exhaust passes over the heat exchanger, it is cooled as this reduces the nitrogen oxide circulating back into the engine system.

Avoid The EGR Delete And Choose The EGR Cooler

When it comes down to it, the EGR Cooler is the better choice for your EGR system. The EGR Delete compromises the purposes of the engine’s gas recirculation, which is to reduce the amount of air contaminants and nitrogen oxide causing air pollution. Because of this, you are — in fact — driving an illegal vehicle on the highway. Your vehicle can no longer pass the emissions test, so if you drive it around you are breaking the law. Also, every time you turn on your vehicle while using the EGR Delete, the “Check Engine Light” will flash as your vehicle’s computer diagnostic senses that the EGR is not working properly.

The EGR Cooler is legal, will allow your vehicle to pass the emission test, and will not set off the Check Engine Light. You also won’t have to purchase a tuner, like you would for the Engine Delete, to restore your vehicle’s power and performance.

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