EGR Kits Help Save Time, Money and Hassle

MTU Exhaust Gas Recirculation

MTU Exhaust Gas Recirculation (Photo credit: Tognum: MTU & MTU Onsite Energy)

When it comes to protecting your engine, you will want to make sure you have an EGR kit on hand. This will ensure that your diesel truck is running in optimum condition, and ultimately having one of these kits will help you not only save time and money but also hassle. The following are the components that are included in an EGR kit.

  • EGR Cooler — This is a heat exchanger which is installed in the EGR circuit. Its main purpose and goal is to help recirculate the exhaust fumes back into the engine, which ultimately helps reduce nitrous oxide emissions from the vehicle.
  • Intake Manifold — This part of the auto engine helps to circulate fuel and air mixtures into the different cylinders. It combines the inputs and outputs into one system.
  • Intake Gasket Set — This portion of the engine is crucial, as it helps to provide the right amount of air and fuel mixtures to the individual cylinder. Without this piece of equipment, the proper balance could not be achieved.
  • Oil Cooler — If you have a high performance engine, an oil cooler kit is essential to keeping the oil cool and allowing your engine to run smoothly.
  • Oil Cooler Screen — This screen sits below the oil cooler to ensure that the oil particles are filtered through properly.
  • EGR Valve — The EGR valve ensures that your car uses its fuel efficiently.

To make sure your truck runs its best at all times, invest in an EGR kit today. You’ll be making an investment in the future of your vehicle, and preserving the life of the vehicle engine as well. You won’t regret taking this step, and you will be glad you have your EGR kit on hand when something unforeseen happens.

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