How to Install a 7.3L Injector

Cut away diagram of a fairly basic fuel inject...

Cut away diagram of a fairly basic fuel injector for the fuel injection article (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re looking to replace or convert the engine in your current truck, be prepared to spend most of a day doing it. You have to take apart the top of the engine to get to the fuel injectors, so make sure you have the right tools for the job as well.

  1. You will need a socket wrench, shop towels, torque wrench, and a rotunda injector sleeve brush 104-00934-A. Oil drain pans are preferable, but as long as you have something to drain oil into, that’s good enough. Certain copper washers, nuts and bolts will also be needed, but you will have to check on the size as you go along.
  2. Open all the drain plugs and completely drain the oil. Put the drain plugs back in. The socket wrench will help you accomplish this task.
  3. Remove the valve cover and detach the electrical wiring.
  4. Remove the fuel/oil rail drain plugs.
  5. Remove the oil deflector. A retaining screw might be holding it in place, so you will have to take that out before you can completely take out the oil deflector.
  6. Take out the bolt holding the fuel injector in place.
  7. Remove the fuel injector from the fuel bore.
  8. Use the rotunda brush and shop towels to thoroughly clean the bore.
  9. Lubricate the new injectors with fresh oil and push into the bore until they’re properly seated in the O-rings.
  10. The injector replacer goes on next, followed by the retaining plate.
  11. Place the oil deflector on after that and tighten to 108 pounds with the torque wrench.
  12. Reconnect the wiring and appropriately tighten all drainage plugs to the suggested weight.
  13. The valve cover goes on last. Be sure to refill all the oil or your hard work will go up in smoke!

That’s it. Piece of cake, right?

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