How important is pressure in Power Stroke?

English: Efficiencies of two stroke diesel eng...

English: Efficiencies of two stroke diesel engine. η m : mechanical efficiency η i : thermal efficiency η t : total efficiency b e : specific fuel consumption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

High pressure oil pumps are important in terms of reliability and efficiency of a Power Stroke engine. Increasing the fuel consumption in a Power Stroke engine means more lubrication is necessary to keep it running smoothly.All engines require adequate amounts of oil to be pumped over and around its moving parts (pistons, rings, tensioners, etc.) to prevent the friction between them from creating too much heat. When engines over heat, gaskets and seals breakdown causing leaks which leads to other serious repair problems.

A Power Stroke engine is capable of producing massive amounts of power. To help the engine achieve the extra power, a high pressure oil pump is needed to keep the engine cool and all the internal parts moving freely. The additional lubrication helps moving parts slide smoothly against adjacent surfaces and allows the engine to increase its performance. The improved efficiency increases the miles per gallon as well as reduces stress on engine components.

Synthetic lubricants can be used instead of regular petroleum based oil in high pressure oil pumps and still retain maximum efficiency. In fact, synthetic lubricants do not breakdown or lose their viscosity as quickly as oil or petroleum products. Changing oil as often as stated within the truck manual suggests will increase the life of the oil pump as well as that of the engine. The rule of thumb is every 3 months or every 3,000 miles depending on the type and purpose of the vehicle.

With the added benefits of a high pressure oil pump, the Power Stroke engine is capable of pushing larger volumes of diesel through the chambers, increasing both speed and overall power. The importance of pressure in both the fuel system and the lubrication system is apparent if you plan to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently for long periods of time.

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