Ford 6.0 Injector History

7 - Power Stroke completed

7 – Power Stroke completed (Photo credit: andrew.napier)

The Ford 6.0 Injector was renamed the Power Stroke and began appearing in the 2003 Ford models. From 2003 until 2008, it was installed in Ford’s line of Super Duty trucks. Ford’s Ecoline Vans had the Power Stroke until the 2010 models were released.

The reason Ford created the Power Stroke is that federal emmissions regulations became stricter than they had ever been before. It was also created because the previous version, the 7.3L Power Stroke, had many limitations on its performance. At that point, the Power Stroke was a better alternative to its predecessor because in addition to meeting the new emissions standards, it also used gas more economically. By 2004, the Power Stroke made its predecessor obsolete.

Ford has had many issues with the Power Stroke that have reportedly cost them several millions dollars. Many people who have purchased a Ford have taken advantage of the car’s warranty to pay for their repairs. Ford also had a problem with having to buy back so many of their cars because consumers bought them and were not happy with them. As a result, Ford recalled many of their models within a year after those models hit the market.

When the 6.0 Power Stroke came out, Ford released it hastily because they were so anxious to produce a better engine for their vehicles. As a result, the engines they originally manufactured were not up to par due to problems with the software. These software problems led to the injection systems having problems. Unfortunately, before this was discovered, many emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances that used this engine ended up being unreliable, which resulted in lawsuits from many people throughout the United States.

Ford had issues with their original Power Stroke engine because their techs had not been properly trained on how to fix this engine. This resulted in many Ford owners having issues with their cars. One ongoing issue was that the emissions equipment was not designed as efficiently as it could or should have been. Many Ford owners had problems with the recirculation system for the exhaust gas. This led to cars overheating and destroying various components of the engine. Many times this led to head gaskets failing on cars with the Power Stroke engine.

Ford owners were able to upgrade the Power Stroke engine, allowing their car to last when maintained properly.

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