High Pressure Oil Pumps Keep Powerstroke Engines Running in High Performance Vehicles

When you hear the word “powerstroke,” you might think it belongs to the newest heavy metal band. But car enthusiasts know that a powerstroke is a type of diesel engine in a lot of high performance vehicles such as trucks, vans, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. The name powerstroke is most often associated with those engines in Ford vehicles.

Most engines need oil for lubrication over parts and for cooling down the engine so that it continues to operate efficiently. This engine oil is under pressure as it moves over rotating bearings and camshafts, as well as sliding pistons inside the engine. The pressure oil lubricates the machinery so that it can move properly. For oil to circulate through the engine, oil pumps are used to maintain the correct amount of pressure to oil so that it constantly flows through engine machinery.

High Pressure Oil Pumps Different engines require different amounts of oil and different types of pressure. For typical powerstroke engines, they require high pressure oil pumps. These high pressure pumps generate the necessary pressure that is required for the fuel injectors to fire. The larger the injector, the more pressure the oil must have for the engine, and the higher pressure pump that is needed for the right oil circulation.

Problems With Oil Pressure When you have problems with the oil pressure, the powerstroke engine can become seriously damaged. Most engine problems are the result of debris in the oil that clogs up the oil pumps filter screen. When debris clogs the screen, there is lower pressure running through the engine machinery. Changing the oil and replacing the oil filter can prevent the amount of debris circulating through the engine.

Another major problem can involve basic wear and tear to the bearings and seals. When bearings and seals wear out, more oil will pass through the engine to result in lower pressure from the oil pump. To fix this problem, the bearings need to be replaced.

High Pressure Oil Pumps And Powerstroke Engines Giving the Performance Your Vehicle Needs Powerstroke engines require high pressure oil pumps for a efficient running engine. Without these pumps, vehicles with powerstroke engines would experience problems that lead to engine damage and a vehicle that runs poorly, if at all.

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