Clean an EGR Cooler

egr cooler

Your EGR cooler, or exhaust gas recirculation cooler, is a device designed to reduce engine emissions and improve engine efficiencies. It does this by recycling exhaust gasses by recirculating them through the engine. Over the course of time, the cooler can become filled with carbon buildup and other filthy deposits than can hamper the ability for the EGR cooler to do its job properly, and lead to reduced engine performance. Cleaning your EGR cooler regularly can help maintain its efficiency and that of your Powerstroke engine.

Here are the steps necessary to clean your EGR cooler. Remember, it is always easier to work on a cool engine that has not been running recently. This can help prevent painful burns.

  1. You’ll first need to remove the intake manifold and air intake hoses that are located on the manifold. The manifold will usually be found on the side of the engine.
  2. Once those hoses are removed, you’ll need to unplug the PVC heating element.
  3. Loosen and remove the two hex bolts holding the change-over valve and remove it.
  4. You’ll then need to remove the vacuum lines on the anti-shudder valve and the EGR.
  5. Take off the turbo intake pipe by removing a hex bolt and clamp.
  6. Remove the EGR by taking out the three bolts that hold it in place.
  7. Clean the intake of the EGR with degreaser.
  8. Re-assemble by reversing the steps above making sure you use new gaskets in the process.

Keeping the EGR cooler in your Powerstroke engine can keep if running cleaner and smoother, and help keep emission levels low. It is certainly a maintenance project most enthusiasts can handle on their own.

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